Business Case for Investing in Gombe State

Investing in Gombe State

The states of states report outlined a thorough analysis of the budgets of the 36 states of the federation, detailed analysis on sectoral allocation by each state, comparison among geopolitical zones, as well as evaluation of major social and economic indicators among others. The research assessed and analysed the following:

Business Day Intelligence undertook a comprehensive assessment of Nigeria’s states, delving into various facets of their economic, social, and developmental landscapes. This involved meticulously examining state budgets to understand spending patterns and resource allocation strategies. We also conducted detailed analyses of sectoral allocations, shedding light on priorities within areas such as education, healthcare, infrastructure, and agriculture.

Furthermore, our work included comparative analyses of geopolitical zones, allowing for a deeper understanding of regional disparities and developmental trends. In particular, we focused on key regions such as the South-West and North-West, providing thorough economic analyses to identify challenges, opportunities, and potential growth trajectories unique to each area.

To ensure the reliability and accuracy of our findings, we employed a combination of primary and secondary data collection methods. Primary sources involved direct engagement with stakeholders, while secondary sources encompassed data from reputable institutions such as the Central Bank, Debt Management Office, National Population Commission, as well as official state websites and other governmental/non-governmental agencies.

Overall, our research aimed to go beyond surface-level assessments, providing nuanced insights into the complexities of Nigeria’s state economies and societies. By offering actionable recommendations grounded in robust analysis, we sought to empower stakeholders and policymakers to make informed decisions and drive sustainable development initiatives across the country.

Our mission is to empower businesses with actionable insights through comprehensive data analysis and strategic research, with a focus on innovation and excellence.


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